A line into pieces by force, feels cold.
A line joining to another, feels warm.
A line between the light and dark side of the world.
I simply visualize invisible lines.

Yuta's work asks us to consider our own role in the incomprehensibly complex world we find ourselves part of. His paintings prompt viewers to reflect on how they can locate themselves in their universe, blurring divisions between art and life.
The contrast created by lines that exist on our earth.
The harmony of all life of all creatures, animas, human and plants, dynamically coexist in one world without any line, We all just share a planet.

Yuta Ishino Born in Tokyo, Japan

Yuta showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age influenced by his father who is also an water color painter. At the age of eights, he received formal artistic training from his father in watercolor and oil painting.
In 2001, Yuta was accepted into the school of Tokyo Design Academy and his work was exhibited twice in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and others throughout his school years.

In 2003, after graduation of Tokyo Design Academy, Yuta moved to New York to fulfill his passion to introduce his art work to the World. Sooner he started internship as an art director at Silver Space Corp which has United Nation and Levi's USA as clients. He worked with Mr. Kiichiro Muto, the owner of the company, who was one of the most influential persons for his art career that Yuta acquired essential and fundamental art skills from him. In 2007, he resigned the company to turn his passion into the next step of career.

Yuta's next place to exhibit his art work was street of Soho NYC, showing art in this dynamic and challenging environment was intense, but his abstract painting was gradually draws New Yorkers' attention and international art market. Yuta's work has been exhibited widely at galleries including Downtown and Brooklyn in New York, Italy and Canada.

In 2008, His solo exhibition at Art Propaganda Gallery in Russia drew many visitors, National TV, newspaper and magazines. During his visitation of Russia, he lectured on abstract art as well as his philosophy of art at Universities of Samara State, Petersburg University, University of Arts Humanities representatives.

In 2009, One of his work was chosen as a "Best in show' award, granted by Chelsea international competition. Soon after, Films on Artists created documentary film about Yuta. In 2010, the film was played in the opening reception of his solo exhibition at Rogue Space Gallery in Chelsea NYC.

In 2012, His works were selected as the winner in an art competition held by NY based Creative Quarterly Magazine. His works were published on Creative Quarterly Magazine issue 28, sold in the US, Canada and United Kindom.
Yuta was chosen as the best 4 fresh fine artists in Soho area, the show called "Soho Artists" held by The Laffer Gallery in Upstate NY.

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上下左右から感じる この世界の見えない線
まっぷたつに引き裂く 冷たい線
二つをむすび合わせる 暖かい線
光と影を隔てる境界線 そんな見えない線を具現化する

芸術と生命のあやふやな境界線の上、作品を通して我々がどのようにこの世界の中に位置するのかを提示する。 抽象的且つ現実的に表現される地球上に存在する境界線が生み出すコントラスト、その上で共存し合う生命達が奏でる壮大なハーモニー。

石野 裕太 東京生まれ


クライアントにunited nation, Levis USAなどを持つsilver space corpで、彼が最も影響を受けた恩師、アーティストでもある武藤喜一郎氏の元でインターンからデザイナーを経てアートディレクターとして2007年まで勤務。


2008年、ロシアの「Art Propaganda」ギャラリーでの個展は、新聞各紙や雑誌、ロシアの国営放送にまで取り上げられ、多くの来場者が訪れた。

2009年、NYCのチェルシーインターナショナル アートコンペティションで最高賞の「Best in Show」を獲得。 NYの映像会社「Films on artists」がショート・ドキュメンタリー・フィルム「YUTA ISHINO」を制作。
翌年2010年、チェルシーのRogue spaceギャラリーで個展とフィルム上映会が行われた。

2012年、NYのCreative Quarterlyが主催するアート/デザインのマガジンコンペティションのファインアート部門で入賞。 全米、カナダ、イングランドの書店で扱われているCQ Magazine のvol.28に作品が掲載された。

同年、NYのLaffer Galleryが主催した、Sohoで活躍する若手ファインアーティスト4人に選ばれ、グループ展Soho Artistsに参加。